A downloadable screensaver for Windows

View a variety of Twitch chats and see the emotes people are using LIVE!

Install instructions

Right click "Test" to try and "Install" to keep!

To customise which streams are used, please read and edit "TwitchEmoteScreensaver_Data\StreamingAssets\screensaver.config".

To update the emotes list, simply replace the following:

"TwitchEmoteScreensaver_Data\StreamingAssets\global.json" with http://twitchemotes.com/api_cache/v2/global.json

"TwitchEmoteScreensaver_Data\StreamingAssets\subscriber.json" with http://twitchemotes.com/api_cache/v2/subscriber.js...

Problems? Feedback? Comments? I'm @1y1e on Twitter.


TwitchEmoteScreensaver_Win64.zip 12 MB
TwitchEmoteScreensaver_Win32.zip 10 MB

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